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In order to obtain a Rotating-Control or Stationary-Control EICA Certification, or a Digger Derrick EICA Certification, a candidate must take and pass both a Practical Exam and a Written Exam.

The Practical Exam provides a demonstration of the candidate’s skill level of operating a crane or digger derrick. EICA allows a candidate to pass multiple practical exams by using one piece of equipment, as long as the equivalent written specialty exam is passed. For example, a digger derrick unit with rotating controls can be used for two practical exams; rotating crane and/or digger derrick. However, this example the digger derrick unit could not be used for stationary crane practical exams.

Certification Exams

The Written Exam comprises of a general knowledge exam and specialty exams for the type of certification being attained (crane and/or digger derrick).

Passing grades for written exams:
General Written Exam = 68%
Digger Written Exam = 70%
Crane Written Exam = 70% 
General knowledge exam has 75 questions with an 85 minute time limit.  
Specialty exams have 35 questions with a 60 minute time limit.

General Written Exam 
Complete Daily Crane/Digger Derrick Inspections & Maintenance21%
Manage Crane/Digger Derrick Access and Egress12%
Evaluate Worksite Conditions11%
Setup/Assemble Crane/Digger Derrick24%
Perform Safety Checks16%
Shut Down/Disassemble Crane/Digger Derrick8%
Maintain Employment Requirements8%
Digger Derrick Written Exam 
Setup/Assemble Crane/Digger Derrick48%
Operate Crane/Digger Derrick23%
Perform Digger Derrick Specific Operations29%
Crane Written Exam 
Setup/Assemble Crane/Digger Derrick69%
Operate Crane/Digger Derrick31%

Practical Exam Videos

Practical Exam Overview

Crane-Digger Derrick Content Outline

Adding Additional Control Type to Existing Certification

Adding an additional control type via practical exam, during the original certification time frame shall be allowed. The expiration date would align with the original certification.

Example: If an individual received an EICA stationary control crane certification in 2018, they would be allowed to take the rotating control practical exam in 2020 to receive the EICA rotating control crane certification. The expiration date on the rotating control crane certification would match up with the stationary control certification of 2023. The 14-month time frame policy would not apply to add an additional control type certification to an existing crane certification.

Federal/State Requirements and Regulations

Every operator is responsible for complying with the regulations for their working location. The links above do not belong to EICA and might not be the most up to date regulations. This list might not cover all states as new regulations can be passed at any time. Click the links below to download the associated file.

O.S.H.A. 1926.1427 Crane and Digger Derricks in Construction

EICA Accreditation

The ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) PCAC committee awarded EICA accreditation 9-22-2017 and 9-22-2022.