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About EICA

It is the Mission of EICA to promote responsible awareness through certification programs regarding safe and effective practices in the electrical industry; provide effective, valid, reliable and fair assessments that raise the standard of excellence for personnel and be the industry authority on those related occupations.

EICA was formed in 2015 to address a need identified by Employers and others in the electrical construction industry, that of crane operation near and around electrical lines, as well as the normal difficult terrain found in transmission line construction environments.

EICA is a testing agency only; we do not conduct any training for crane operators or provide training material. However, our certification testing will often be conducted at the request of a Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) facility, both for their apprentices and Journeymen in their area. These JATCs are a joint effort of Labor Unions and Employer Associations and are located in the 48 contiguous states, as well as Alaska and Hawaii. Our testing can be the result of a request from any of the JATCs or at the request of Employers in the Electrical Industry. These employers include outside-line construction employers, inside electrical employers, and electrical utilities.

If you are working in the electrical industry, and need a Crane Operators Certification, talk to your employer or contact the JATC that covers your area. You will find our test procedures closely align with your work environment and offer you the best proof to your employer(s) that you are ready to be a safe and productive Crane Operator.

Thank you for your interest in our certification program.

EICA is a nonprofit organization founded in 2014 to promote responsible awareness through certification programs regarding safe and effective practices in the electrical industry; provide effective, valid, and fair assessments that raise the standard of excellence for personnel engaged in the varied aspects of the electrical industry.

EICA’s initial objective is to establish a fair and independent evaluation of crane operator knowledge and skills as they pertain to the safe operation of cranes and digger derricks as used in the electrical construction and utility industry. Even before incorporation was formally obtained, EICA began to develop their crane certification program.

A Crane Working Committee (CWC) was established and began meeting in January of 2014. The CWC was comprised of Subject Matter Experts (SME) representing all eight Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees (JATC) and met every 6-8 weeks. These SMEs have a thorough understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary for safe crane operations in the electrical industry.

The CWC reported to an Advisory Committee comprised of industry leaders from the Outside Line Construction segment of the electrical industry, both Labor and Management. They in turn reported to, and received direction from, a Board of Directors comprised of a broad spectrum of leaders from inside and outside the electrical industry.

The EICA Board of Directors included Employer management representatives, Executive Directors from several chapters of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), the Vice President, Labor Relations, of the National NECA staff, a senior representative of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), a senior representative of the Electrical Training Alliance, and a public-at-large member from the Investment community.

Starting November 10, 2018 the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will require operators of cranes and digger derricks above 2,000 pound capacity, when used in construction need to be certified by an accredited crane operator testing organization such as EICA. Gaining the crane/digger derrick certification from EICA will meet all the requirements set forth by the new OSHA rule.

Mark Sterkel – Committee Chair
Sturgeon Electric

Andrew Faterkowski
MP Technologies

Robbie Foxen
Missouri Valley JATC

Tracy Harness
NW Line Chapter, NECA

Kevin Camp
MYR Group Inc.

Palmer Hickman
Electrical Training ALLIANCE (ETA)

Michael J. Johnston

Jason Lauze

Steve Lindley
Hooper Corporation

Sean McCarville

Ryan Courtney

Mark Pellerito
Newkirk Electric

Alex Trujillo
SW Line Constructors JATC

Terry Lowen


James Atkins, President
Northline Utilities

Joe Mitchell, Secretary
Missouri Valley and Southwestern Line Chapters, NECA

Jules Weaver, Treasurer
Western Line Constructors Chapter, NECA

Mark Sterkel, Chair, Advisory Committee Chair
Sturgeon Electric

Lucas Moore
PAR Electrical Contractors

Kevin Moran
American Line Builders Chapter, NECA

Steve Gaines


Michael Lambert
Sturgeon Electric

Troy Schneider
Michels Corporation

Josh Chard
Public-at-Large (Altec)

Todd Stafford
Electrical Training Alliance

Michael Starner

George Arhos

Mark Sterkel

Sturgeon Electric

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